Ariel Princess School: The one with a photo op, a beach, and a birthday!

2015-08-14 12.58.42
Last week was our first ‘offical’ week of school and the first time Little Miss got to take a first day of school photo! Princess school was lacking a little this week though. She decided she wanted to do some pages out of a workbook instead and drew a lot of pictures!

2015-08-19 11.53.09
We did manage to go the beach though, and I can’t think of anything better to do for Ariel Princess school then to hang out by the sea. Little Miss doesn’t like the water much and this was the closest she would get to the waves. She did have a lot of fun playing in the sand and made friends with a few girls not far from where we set up our towels and toys.

2015-08-20 10.26.06
For our project this week, we made a Sea Jelly! The original project I found used a brown paper bag but, even though I know I have a lot of them sitting around somewhere, I couldn’t find any! I folded a piece of paper into thirds and glued it together to make the shape of a paper bag and then let Little Miss pick whatever color paint she wanted to use to color the bag. She decided she wanted her sea jelly to have a purple head and blue legs, and some mixed a little in-between.

After our Jellyfish dried, it didn’t look much like a jellyfish. I let her pick out some googly eyes and drew a little line where it’s head ended. Then I gave her some scissors and let her cut the tentacles out by herself. I’m trying to be more mindful of letting her do these type of activities by herself because I hovered way to much over my oldest and, don’t we always try to fix our mistakes the second time around? I think she did a great job, even though she did cut the top of his head too lol.

2015-08-20 09.38.41-1
The googly eyes couldn’t be stopped though. After we glued the first two on our jellyfish, she wanted to keep going so here’s her eye monster she made! After this photo she drew circles around all the eyes and said they were in different houses.

We didn’t have a second project this week because it was Grandma’s birthday! Little Miss made a bracelet for Grandma using a pipe cleaner that she threaded buttons and beads onto.

Books we’ve read this week include Wish for a Fish: All About Sea Creatures which is what led to Little Miss wanting to do the Jellyfish project.  This was really just a bit to old for her, but she listened to the entire book.  I’m sure the rhyming helped her focus.  There’s a lot of information in this book and would be much better for a Kindergartner.

We also started The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson so she can see how different it is from the Disney version.  While she likes the story, it was a little long for her attention span so we are splitting it in half and reading the second half this coming week. She’s had no problem following along, but her brothers are a bit of a distraction at times!

Be sure to come by next week to see our last week of Ariel Princess School!  Or check out all the other princess school’s we’ve done here.

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