Fullerton Arboretum

It’s spring break!  There’s no speech this week and I’m only focusing on basic reading and math, because a complete break will be a disaster when it’s time to start back up again.

Of course, we still went to our weekly nature study and since I haven’t written about one in quite some time, I thought it was time.

This week we checked out the Fullerton Arboretum. It always brings back memories for me since I went to school at Cal State Fullerton so the drive there and parking always makes me think of college. Parking is free at the arboretum and they only ask for a small, optional, donation.

It’s spring time and everything was in bloom, including the cactus! I loved all the colors and the kids had fun playing.  There were field trip kids here the day we went so we weren’t able to do what we normally do, but still totally worth it.

After our hike we were able to check out their museum where they had a seed exhibit as well that was interesting.  Well, interesting to the adults.

The arboretum is always a relaxing day for our nature study without a prolonged hike or drive to get somewhere.  Check it out yourself.


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