10 Histocial Fiction Read Alouds for Early Modern History


Since I’m knee deep into planning next year’s school schedule, I thought I’d share some of our picks for historical fiction read alouds that fit the time period we’re studying, Early Modern history.  Of course, just because I schedule them, doesn’t mean we’ll read all of them.   Sometimes we end up reading other books instead and never make it to the one on the schedule.  Sometimes the kids just have trouble getting hooked into a particular book.  But I like having the rough guideline.

Some of these books are even from the Mensa reading list for K-3rd grade.  When you complete the list the kids can earn a free t-shirt.  And reading them aloud and audio books count!

(Note: Plain boring links, not affiliates.)


A Lion to Guard Us –  Set in the 1600’s. Their father has gone to Jamestown and Amanda barely remembers him.  After their mother passes, she decides to take her siblings to Jamestown to find their father and be a family again.

The Courage of Sarah Noble – This is one of the few we have read before, when Green Bubbles was doing an American History year for TK at four years old.  It’s a great story about a young girl traveling into the frontier with her father, and having to be left alone.  Set in 1707.

The Cabin Faced West – A little later but still in pioneering times (mid to late 1700’s), this is about a little girl and her family who move to western Pennsylvania.  She even gets to meet George Washington.   On the Mensa reading list!

Paul Revere’s Ride –  Famous poem by Longfellow, this is a shorter read but has so much history it really can’t be forgotten.  And who doesn’t know the simple rhyme. On the Mensa reading list.

Sam the Minuteman – A shorter book but an easy reader for kids that are ready for them, this is about a little boy who becomes a Minuteman when the British are coming. Mensa reading again.

Toliver’s Secret –  When her grandfather is injured, 10-year-old Ellen Toliver replaces him on a top-secret patriotic mission. Disguised as a boy, she manages to smuggle a message to General George Washington.

Ben and Me – This is a biography of Benjamin Franklin as told by Amos, a mouse.

The Boy in the Alamo –   This is a story about a boy who was in the Alamo (1836) during the Texas revolution.  Full of action and brave deeds.

Caddie Woodlawn – Set in the 1860’s, this is about a girl and her family who live out in the frontier.

Note: I did leave Little House on the Prairie off of this list, but only because we’ve already read it.  It may make it on the schedule, but it’s already one so many lists I didn’t think it would hurt to leave it off.

These books are in the modern history period for next year but I thought they were worth sharing, even if they don’t fit the time period!  And so I don’t forget about them by next year.

Sarah, Plain and Tall – Set in the 1900’s at the turn of the century, another great story about a little girl. Mensa reading list.

All-of-a-kind Family – 1900’s.  Mensa reading list.

The Saturday’s – Set in the 1940’s this book is about four siblings who decide to pool their allowance money to allow each of them to do one longed for thing each Saturday.




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