Reading Challenges

thih833hkxIt’s almost the new year and time for resolutions.  I’m moving away from the lose weight, work out type resolutions, not that they aren’t important, but because they really need to be small changes over time to work and resolutions tend to be large and all at once.  With that in mind, I’m going to join a large, over the top reading challenge that I will probably never complete.  But that’s okay.  The books will still be there after a year and it will push me to read more then I would otherwise.

I used to read, a lot.  I was the book worm kid in school that hid books under my desk to read while the teacher talked.  My reading dropped off a lot when I had my first child and went back to college at the same time.  Reading for fun shifted to reading for school, and when I graduated I had a toddler and was about to have a second baby so reading for fun never came back to the point it was before and it probably won’t again until the youngest is able to read by himself.  Considering I’m up to three kids and he’s only two right now, I have more than a few years to go!  But that doesn’t mean I can’t stretch myself from my current goals.

We homeschool, as you would never if you have read any other part of this blog, so I’m sure some of the books on my list will serve double duty and be children’s books that we read within our school work as well.  But I’m reading those as well, so they should totally count!

I’ve decided to combine two challenges.  The first is Popsugar’s Reading Challenge ( ).  It is a list of 40 books, 52 if you add in the advanced challenge with prompts such as A book from a non-human perspective or a book set in two different times.  I doubt I’ll read all 40, unless I count more than a few children’s books, but I really want to read books for me and not for them so I’ll be trying to avoid that just to hit the goal.  The second challenge is from Books and Chocolate, Back to the Classics ( ).

I’ve already picked out a more than a few books to read for Popsugar but I’ll have to go back and adjust to see where I can fit in the Back to the Classics as well and since my lists may be adjusting, I won’t post them quite yet.

Another goal, to post when I’ve completed a prompt with a short review of the book.  Although this might just end up being a list of books I’ve read and what prompts and less review.  We’ll see how it goes!



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