Natural History Museum Nature Study Day

I got a little behind!  It’s summer.

A few weeks ago we went to the last homeschool day of the school year to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles.  This is always one of my favorite field trips we do every year.  Little Miss is still asking when we are going to the museum again.

2015-06-17 14.34.312015-06-17 10.00.53The kids always love to see the dinosaur fossils.  They even have a special lab you can walk through to watch the museum’s paleontologist actually cleaning off various fossils from recent digs.  For homeschool day they have a lot of touch tables set up and Green Bubbles and Little Miss were able to touch an actual dinosaur fossil! 2015-06-17 11.17.37       We also did a quick walk through of the mineral area of the museum.  We’ll be studying Earth Science next year so I thought Green Bubbles would found the different ‘rocks’ interesting.  I had no idea Little Miss would be so excited though!  She climbed up onto the larger rocks they had on display but was equally enthusiastic of the smaller specimens in the cases.  She was pretending to pick them up, you couldn’t actually touch them, and told me she was going to put them in her rock collection!2015-06-17 10.10.402015-06-17 10.04.39